DC Office


The Deputy Commissioner’s office is at the heart of the City. People come to the DC’s office with their grievances and its redress. Overall law and order of the district is with the Deputy Commissioner. Apart from that various issues relating to the land, licenses,compensations are handled by the Deputy Commissioner’s Office.

Administrative structure:

The Deputy Commissioner is the functional head of the District. There are various officials both at the district and at the taluk levels to assist him. They include Assistant Commissioners, Tahsildars, Deputy tashildars,Seristhedar, Revenue Inspector, Village Accountants, etc.

Schemes :

Housing (Ashraya, Ambedkar), Neralina Bhagya, SJSRY, Aradhana, Ashakirana, MPLAD,OAP, PHP, Widow Pension, Failed Well Compensation Scheme, CRW (Calamity Relief Work) are some of the schemes executed at DC’s Office.

Achievements towards computerization :

The DC office has a full-fledged computer centre. Most of the activities of the Hassan District Office has been computerised. The Tahsildar’s office at the Taluka Centre were also provided with computers and are mainly used for maintaining RTC’s which are computerised completely in the district.

    1. Computerization of Land Records:

In Hassan District, all the RTC’s were computerised. There were around 8 lakh land owners in Hassan district and computerised RTC’s have been distributed to the rightful owners.

    1. Computerization of Voter’s List:

In Hassan District, all the voters list have been computerised and link to the information is available in the Home Page as well as in this page of this website.

    1. DC Office Automation :

Various packages have been developed to automate the processes like DCB, Accounts, Salary Processing, Generalling, Election Pre-Poll and Post-Poll activities, RMIS, Record Room Activities, etc in Deputy Commissioner’s Office.

Where should be contacted for what ?

People come to the district level office with variety of grievances and most of the time people don’t know whom to contact and how often need to contact to get his/her work done. Here is a bit of useful information ..

The DC’s office has many arms and each arm functions with coordination to one another.