• The state of the art rain water harvesting system is based on a uniquely designed and patented system, using the principle of cohesion and gravitation.
  • By adopting this high energy efficient system, in view of the average Rainfall of 1000 mm at HASAN Town vicinity and the total roof area of 3000 meter square, the total available water will be  : -3000m2 x0.85x 0.90x 1000= (2295000 liters) 2295 kiloliters) .
  • If maximum rainfall per day is 50 mm/day at 0.85 /0.90% efficiency of Filter ,the quantum of water will be 1,14,750 liters. The storage tank built to hold the filtered rainwater is 2,00,000 liters Plus 30,000 liters  as balancing tank since the water can be used every day and thus the tank will be ready for holding the water of the next rains.
  • The storage and continuous input of filtered rainwater to the storage tank makes the Swimming pool self sufficient, without depending on corporation water. Since the water is surplus, it can be used for other usage like drinking* and toilets purpose.
  • Rain water when properly harvested with rainy filters using cohesion technology and gravitational pull , not only prevents the overexploitation of ground water source but also saves huge quantity of Corporation water and precious energy units required to pump in water resulting in enormous savings in energy bills to the city corporation.
  • Since the entire system used in capturing the rain water is through Gravitational means, it reduces the need for expensive electric motors/ diesel pump sets that run on NON RENEWABLE  fossil fuel.  These precious energy units which otherwise can be utilized for productive purposes.
  • Rain water harvesting system leaves behind a positive ecological foot print.
  • Reduces significant carbon foot prints by way of saving enormous energy resources used in the transportation of water to distant places.

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